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Flexible Scheduling

At McDonald's we understand that you are probably involved in other activities and have obligations outside of work, such as family or school. That is why we work with you to create a schedule that fits both your needs, as well as the needs of the restaurant. We will actively work with you to set up a work schedule that fits in well with the other activities that you may be involved in. Sometimes it is easy to forget that not all jobs offer the flexibility to work around your other obligations. We take pride in being a family friendly employer! The goal of our managers is to post the work schedule at least four days prior to the beginning of the next work week.

Employee Meals

Some retail stores will give their employees discounts on purchases at their stores as an added benefit for working there. At McDonald's we don't just give you a discount but we give you your meals for FREE each and every time you work! Each employee is given one free meal each shift which includes 1 sandwich, 1 fry and 1 drink (some restrictions may apply). Let's go a little more in depth with what the FREE employee meals can really add up to. Average cost per employee meal: $3.50 x 5 days a week = $17.50. $17.50 per week in employee meals x 52 weeks = $910 a year in employee meals! For someone who works 5 days a week for 52 weeks of the year, we offer them more than $900 in FREE employee meals, and some businesses don't offer their employees meals or benefits like this at all!

Book Reimbursement

McDonald's understands the rising cost of textbooks. To help cover some of these costs, McDonald's will provide partial reimbursement of your textbooks, up to $75!

Free Uniforms

At many places of employment it is a requirement to purchase uniforms or clothing that fits within the dress code after being hired... but not at McDonald's! At McDonald's, we supply our crew and managers with their uniforms including shirts, hat and apron.


McDonald’s awards scholarships for eligible employees for use at a two- or four-year university.

Career Advancement Opportunities

From crew trainers to senior management, you can turn your time at McDonald’s into a career.

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