Fundraising Opportunities

Coupon Book

Coupon Book

Our McDonald's Coupon Book Fundraiser is a great way to support your organization through the sales of coupons.

  • Each book is sold for $10
  • Your organization will receive $7 for every coupon book sold. The other $3 is returned to McDonald's and used for our teacher appreciation programs that celebrate our local teachers each year.
  • The fundraiser runs for 2-3 weeks

McTeacher's Night

McTeacher's Nights are an opportunity for community organizations to partner through a fundraising event held at McDonald's restaurants.

McTeacher's Night
  • Receive a donation based on a percentage of sales made on a specific evening
  • Principals, teachers, and administrators help with the event, selling cookies, welcoming guests, or helping with other assigned duties
  • School keeps 100% of tips received from the event
  • Contests available for students and classrooms to encourage attendance
  • Available on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings

Candy Bar Sales

Work with World's Finest Chocolate to give your supporters something sweet and coupons for McDonald's food they love.

Candy Bar Sales
  • Your profit starts at 50%
  • Get personalized labels for most products in full color for your school or group at no charge
  • A great McDonald's coupon now offers your supporters an extra incentive to purchase more chocolate
  • This McDonald's fundraiser is only available through WFC in Northwest Ohio at participating locations in Defiance, Van Wert, Putnam, Allen, Hancock, Hardin, and Wyandot counties
  • For organizations in Northwest Ohio, contact John Sparks ( or 419-889-1410) or Sharee Youssef ( or 419-882-2332). Outside of Northwest Ohio, please contact your local representative or log on to for more information

Peelers Book

Peeler Fundraisers are a fun and easy way to support both your organization and the Ronald® McDonald House Charities.

Peelers Book
  • Each card consists of 24 different coupons to McDonald's
  • The booklets are each sold for $10
  • For every book sold, $1 is donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and your organization collects $4.50
  • The peelers coupons are good at various McDonald's locations throughout Ohio and Indiana
  • For more information, call Larry Lux at 1-800-772-PEEL
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We're sorry, but our franchise market only serves the communities of Lima, Bluffton, Ada, Delphos, Ottawa, Van Wert, Beaverdam, Hicksville, Carey, Upper Sandusky, Kenton, and the communities immediately surrounding those areas. To find a McDonald's location near you, please visit